happy fall ya'll.....

heeellooo....is anyone still there??? so sorry for the absence. guest+ sinus infection +life+weather+internet down+ life+laziness=no blog.

but now it is fall here and i am so excited! i love cold weather so i am psyched. although we had a really mild summer and no real need for a break in the heat, i am still looking forward to the change. what is it about the fall, my favorite time of year btw, that makes me want to change. change the curtains. change my hair. change the music. change everything! isn't that supposed to be a spring thing? isn't everything in the fall dying? changing color but dying none the less? oh well. i love it. it makes me want to buy school supplies and go shopping for new school shoes!

i took these pictures of some trees and leaves in arkansas. i miss being there. don't get me wrong i am so LOVING it here but its not the same vibe as being with my family. i really do miss them. the little get-togethers on the weekends. seeing my nephews and nieces grow up. its so weird to be living a "grown up" life. not dependent on my family as much. but i do love the comfort of knowing that i will get a phone call once a week from my mom. its small but does amazing good for me. i think one of the reasons for missing home is the fact that i won't being going home for christmas. my first ever christmas away from the fam. strange. i already have been pressing hubby to have a party at our house. not for christmas, but for thanksgiving. seeing as how i have never wanted people over before this has totally thrown sweet hubby for a loop. what about the space?? what about peoples feelings?? what about the dog?? you hate people!?! well maybe i'm a changing! we will see.

speaking of christmas, i remember this one time when my family lived in alaska. my mom had taken us to the library for one of our weekly trips and they had just put out the christmas crafts for kids books. i was so pumped! i checked out like three and spent like the next three weeks making garlands out of foil and tons of other stuff and decorating the house for christmas. the only problem? it was october! im not sure, but i think we left everything up till christmas. people were coming in our house, pastors family you know, and asking what was going on? it was so funny!

so i just wanted to say hello and that i have not disappeared from blog land. hope everyone is having a good start to fall....


  1. Ah yes...the holidays in Germany. That was the hardest part -- not being able to be with family. But, you know what? You've got the excitement of Christmas THERE! It's so fun -- I'd love to be able to go to one of the Christmas markets again! You must go to Nurnberg, and your local ones too. And a trip to Bavaria on St. Nicholas day is lots of fun -- they have fun traditions there!

  2. Hey, I like the blog re-design -- very nice! We feel autumn coming on in South Arkansas, too -- it's only been in the high 80's for a couple of days!

    luv, daddyo

  3. Today it is so humid I just want to cry. This is the part where I start to get really ANGRY about the weather. I am not asking for much, I don't need to wear sweaters yet. But I would love to wear my jeans again...

  4. I was so excited when I looked today and saw that you had written again. I bet it is beautiful with the colors changing. I have missed reading what you are up to. This will be our 3rd Christmas without Adam and our second without you since you have been in the family, the holidays and birthdays are when I miss you guys the most. I know it will be hard for you this year without your family and especially your mom, but I am so glad that you have each other and that you love it there so much. Talk to you later.
    Love you,

  5. Jerusalem blogged about the weather and I commented about Juneau's falls and now I am reading about your feelings for the fall. I guess fall gets us to thinking about how we had a good time in the cool weather. Funny how all you kids associate fall with good feelings. I'm so glad.

    I remember that Christmas was the longest Christmas ever, I said we wouldn't get the Christmas stuff out the next year until I had to. Cause it took me so so long to put them up I was looking at Christmas decorations for 6 months!

    Love ya,

  6. Jemimah,

    You have just got to have your pictures published. They are just beautiful. I told your dad that you have an eye for finding beauty in things we just pass by. Like Architecture and leaves in the rain. Such great work.



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