bits and bobbles.....

this post is full of random things. first sweet hubby is away for a month. this is what my living room looked like before he left.trooper was so confused. he had no idea where to sit or what to do. hubby intimidates poor trooper just by looking at him, so you can understand the nervousness on troopers part. so hubby is gone and while he is this is the perfect time to get crafty and re-stock the etsy store. along with that i have been cutting hair (was a hair stylist in the states), christmas shopping because everything has to be mailed, cooking interesting things that I like, attending lots of church functions along with planning our next ladies fellowship " a latte fun" and watching all the girly shows and movies that I love....... which is more exciting than it used to be because we finally got army wives! yea! im so jazzed! this show is great. a little humor, a little drama, its all good. of course its not going to be a perfect match to the real thing but that's okay. i live the real thing. i don't have to watch it. also we are going to be getting the closer as well! i love that show. of course its starting from the first season but that's okay. it will eventually catch up. see we get everything a season, or sometimes 2, behind when it comes to TV. the reason is because the shows are given to the military network with no money being made from the commercials because we don't air american commercials. see its all about money. so anyway we just have to wait and pine for the shows we want. now if they could just give us
project runway i think i would be a much happier camper.

oh and i found a craft store to get things if i am having a craft emergency. most of the time i just order online or substitute or don't even craft. how sad is that. im telling y'all be grateful for all the choices you have in the states. when i take a trip back to the states im bringing a second suite case for craft stuff only!

and i got a new toy.....
isn't she pretty. it looks old but its brand new! how cool is that!? thank you early know who you are! i just love this thing. i have wanted one for so long and know i have one. i made cookies with it last night for our churches fall festival and they were great! perfect timing for all that christmas baking i do. yippee!


  1. oh thanks for the updates! Everything looks so great - it's just great to hear your "posting voice" again! And I love your new goodie- wish mine was that color - lucky girl!

  2. i love that jadite green. you so cant go wrong with it.
    i have been chain watching the holiday. usually at about midnight becasue that's when everyone else has gone to bed. its your sis's copy and i keep forgetting to give it back when we see each other. i am sure she is loving that but why not put it to good use while it s here. lol.

  3. Enjoy your month of doing everything YOU want to do! And the new little present it perfect. Mine is almost 30 years old and still kicking! Love the color!

  4. Hey girl,

    so glad to see you are doing some more crafting. I know you will be glad to see your hubby, but I always enjoyed my free zone days!


  5. I love that you are back posting.(look whos talking huh) I know I should post again. I really love the green. They are great aren't they? I will talk to you soon.
    Love ya,

  6. You know, "girly shows" means something entirely different to most GUYS! Ha Ha! Good thing most of your readers are gals.

    love, daddyo

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