did you just see that? November just flew by and DEC. is following it's lead!!
i don't know about y'all but this year has just flown by. i can't believe it has been that long since i have seen some of my family and come Feb 3 all of my family. geez!
just like everyone else we are busy with the holiday festivities. work, church and girl parties galore! i love to make sweets but so many have been given to me already i haven't had a chance to make any for myself. i have been busy though making gifts for the loved ones. i made the shipping deadline and got them all out to the states. that i think has been the hardest thing because i was used to having a few more weeks of procrastinating. but i got it done and hopefully they will be there on time.

because it actually gets cold here in the winter, most of my Christmas decorations were out by the middle of Nov. yes i know you are supposed to wait till at least after thanksgiving but when i see snow something goes off in my mind. we did wait however to put the tree up. this was only because i didn't know if we would even have a tree this year. but sweet hubby took me to the tree "store" and we picked out a beaut. i wanted one even smaller than what we got but wouldn't you know the one i saw was reserved already. but i love our tree. its super simple with only lights and ball ornaments. i love to see all my families trees. they are all so different. just like us. its just neat to see the personalities come out in that form.
i hope everyone is having a good time this holiday season so far.......


  1. Oh I love your tree! It belongs in Country Living or Real Simple! So you... I miss ya chicka. It has been too busy around here to dwell on it long, but I know Christmas day will be weird without you and Adam and Tropper. I am afraid I have not met the shipping deadline. You will most likely have Christmas for a month as all our gifts slowly trickle in.
    Love ya!

  2. What a beautiful tree! You're right, Nov zoomed by -- before you know it your time in Germany will be over and you'll be back in the states!

  3. Hey, great looking tree, Princess! Christmas in Germany, wow!
    At least you have Christmas weather. It can't decide what it wants to do here. 40 degrees one day, 70 degrees a day or two later!
    Your box of presents arrived just a day or two after we talked -- thanks! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    love, dad

  4. I love your tree! I agree with Jerusalem, it belongs in a magazine. And you are so right about how our trees bring out our personalities. Your tree is certainly you. Oh how I miss you guys. I am so thankful that we were able to come in the summer to visit. All the pics you have sent are great. It is so beautiful there. Miss you both. Merry Christmas.
    Love, Kay


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