bloom fest

this weekend we went to downtown Kaiserslautern where they were having their bloom fest for spring. as you can see the weather was in true spring fashion-unpredictable. in fact since i have been writing this the sun has gone away, the snow came down and left again and now the sun is back!
okay so after taking about 30 min to find a parking spot we finally got to enjoy some "culture" as my family would put it. here are some students playing their music in the cold. truly committed to their craft. or their teacher any way. there were all kinds of people like that playing music and freezing their butts off for our entertainment. how sweet of them.
here a little girl is watching as her balloon animal is being made.
she was so excited! the pink panther was an interesting choice though. hubby said does she even know who that is? i told him it was pink. that was probably all that mattered to her. any way it was neat to see the guy make those. i would be so scared to do that. afraid all the balloons would pop. i know i'm a chicken whats new.

these are just some of the beautiful flowers they had down there. man did it smell great! i love seeing all the vendors and all the different colors everywhere. it just makes me happy.
the vendors were packing up when we finally made it around to them but i got to grab a few shots and these....
aren't these pretty. hubby got them for me. they smell incredible! i wake up in the morning and walk in the kitchen and it just starts my day right. anyone who knows me knows i need all the help i can get in the morning department-so i'm glad i have them. i am going to try to have fresh flowers every week. even if its one. i deserve that right? oh i can't wait till the Tulip Fest comes to town! so much fun.


  1. Oh, soooo much fun! I hated missing the Daffodil Festival this year, but I just couldn't muster the courage to go without you! I am so envious of your European life : )

  2. oooh the tulip festival. break out your wooden shoes.


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