here we go

okay so i'm not a writer and my life is not that exciting but here we go anyway. just thought i would give this a whirl and see what we come up with. i love the movie "you've got mail". its so cute. totally a chick flick and makes me happy every time i watch it. every time! the current reason for watching this movie is because i haven't a thing to do, really. you see when you move overseas with the military your stuff has to be shipped on a boat that can take up to 90days to get to you along with your vehicle which could take the same amount of time but is on another boat. fun huh? anyway not much of our stuff is here yet so i only have what i brought with me in a suite case and what i (wisely i might add) had shipped through the post office before i left. my expense of course. you know i never really considered myself a "stuff" kind of person. you know the one who has knick knacks everywhere, but i really need my stuff! fortunately we have "fake" furniture as my sister calls it so we at least have a bed to sleep on and a couch to sit on. i really don't mean to complain. i am truly happy that i am finally living with my husband again for more than 30 days and in the same country! i just really need to sit on my couch, drink out of my favorite mug and watch Gilmore Girls again and again. ah that joyful day!


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