ikea adventure

so this weekend hubby had an extra day off and i decided it was time to go to ikea. ikea is one of my favorite places to shop. and by shop i mean longingly look at the catalog and wish you could make over your house with everything in it. and because i love this brand so much i am ashamed to say that i have never been in any of the stores. so this day we were going to go. we knew there was one near Frankfurt which is over an hour from us so we were ready for a drive. along the way we saw this symbol of America along side us and it made me feel right at home. proving fast food really is everywhere. love those fries. okay so we are trucking along and along and along. after a stop at the WC-that's water closet for you people at home- we continued on. but both hubby and i did not remember it being quite this far. we thought we knew the way but maybe not. so we pull off the autobahn and what do we find? Wal-mart! that's right folks the south has made it to Europe. well sort of.
even though i was super excited to go in it was not exactly like home. but that's okay. i was just happy to see that familiar blue sign. so after a quick walk through and a whiff of the bakery-oh yeah they have those everywhere-we were off again. now i really like the autobahn. you get to drive really fast but you have to pay attention because they don't have big signs saying get off here for ikea or wal-mart or whatever. you kind of have to know where you are going. and we thought we did. but we didn't. so hubby and i ended up driving all the way to the airport in Frankfurt and turning around. we had both seen ikea when bringing me home from the airport so are hopes were high. fortunately hubby has an incredible sense of direction. he can find his way back from anywhere. as my brother in law says the best way to get yourself found is to get yourself lost. well we got found. there she was all big and yellow and blue. just the way i had pictured her. okay ill stop. but i was so excited. and it was everything i had imagined. we walked in the door, got our ikea pencil and paper and off we went! i was in heaven! i loved everything and wanted to take it all home that day! oh i wrote it all down don't you worry!
even hubby liked a few things. this is surprising seeing as his style choice is anything with a big red razorback on it! we were there for almost two beautiful hrs and then it was time to go. so home we went to budget, plan and dream. well me that is-hubby had a different idea. i hate PlayStation.


  1. oh, Ikea, my true love, come to me!!! I am hoping for a spring trip for a client - wouldn't that be lovely? So glad Hubby liked some of the things! There is hope yet!!

  2. i agree with you on everything... i soo love ikea. i sooo hate playstation. lol. hope your having fun.


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