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so sorry. i did not realize it had been a week since the last post. you know it is amazing with no household goods, no job and no child i still always have things to do. i am not making excuses but it just dumbfounds me that there is always something needing to be done. okay since last time, my uneventful life has included: a strange smell that was coming from the basement of the apt. complex that was just like a skunk. and the door to downstairs was closed which it never is. great a trapped skunk just what we need. thankfully though the smell has gone and the door is open. just another day in germany. then sat. we tried to find the flea markets around town that were listed only to find a very pitiful one on post that consisted of four tables with various coffee makers, children's toys with missing parts and a $150 potato wagon. not thanks! so hubby took me to the real' (re-al) a grocery and wal-mart sort, he got a sandwich and i got these. my activia and a german decor magazine. i have to get my activia here because for some reason they don't have it at the commissary. next i attempted a craft. it came out okay but i need to tweak it before i show thinking glitter? and yesterday a walk with hubby and trooper to find my dental clinic which i am sad to say i have an appt. today. see i told ya. nothing exciting. but that is life. today i am going to call the place where our household goods are being shipped and maybe i can bug some answers out of them. hopefully good news next time.


  1. Oh, activia... Lovely. We will have to do magazine swaps. You can send me cool German mags that you are done with and I will send you Domino and such. Of course you can probably get all that at the commisary. You will have to fill me in on what you CAN'T get that you want. I like to be helpful ya know!


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