okay i know i just posted but.... i was looking through pictures i have taken while here and thought you might like to see some of them. this is a cool sculpture that hangs above the street in downtown k-town. a cafe in k-town. i love how they post the menu outside on the chalk board walls.
this a church we drove past at night and it was lit from underneath. just thought it looked cool.10min from my home: Landstuhl

this is a cool carving that someone carves out of tree stumps. we saw about 15 of these different animals and forest creatures on a hike one day. they are really cool.

hope you liked these.


  1. You could post twice a day every day and it wouldn't be too much for me chica! I miss ya much!!!

  2. Hey love those pictures you are showing. You are really good. I saw Landstuhl on google map. So cool. Your pictures show a very organized town. Looks like a place you'd like. Love ya.


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