this past weekend when hubby and i were at the bloom fest it was pretty cold but it seemed as if spring was on its way. WRONG at least in our area. the past two days it has snowed. yes snowed and while some people might be in hurry for spring to get here i don't really think i am-at least not today. some people might see the snow or the rain and say they hate getting out in the weather or the dreariness of it all is a pain but not me. i don't know if its the fact that i pretty much grew up in Alaska or what. don't get me wrong i like to worship the sun as much as the next person. even going as far as to use the artificial kind. but there is something great about the snow.
in Alaska i was a kid. i had moved from Florida owning only sandals as footwear and traded them in for boots - all kinds of boots. as a kid this was explained as an adventure to move to such a place. there is that word again- adventure. this word is from my mother and only now, as an adult, do i realize that this word is possibly adult code for "different and or hard". but the idea that we were moving to a new place with new weather and a new environment was so exciting to me that maybe i didn't see the bad. i say this to say that because of this, the appreciation and love of weather (however it was instilled in me) has followed me into adulthood.
as i said the past few days it has been rain/snowing. and i love it! now i don't have to drive in this weather currently so i don't have to be scared of it. so today i put on my long socks from Maw, slipped into my Rubber Birks, strapped my backpack on and kissed Trooper goodbye. off i went to an appt. on base. the snow was coming down and it was quite outside. the lunch hour rush had gone and i was pretty much the only one out. i am not working right now and sometimes when i go out i feel like i am so lucky to be able to go out whenever i want. im sure people were looking at me as if i was crazy. i constantly hear people complaining about living here and yes its no picnic but my mom says it best: you take you wherever you go. so is the problem the place?
for today i enjoyed the snow and the cold and as i hear hubby drive up i know tonight is going to be great. i got out and smelled the fresh air and now i can smell the pot roast in the oven. i can't wait to read my Country Living as dessert and see what this crazy weather will do tomorrow. what an adventure!


  1. i've always known you had many, many talents. to name just a few, you are a graceful dancer, and vocalist. an serendipitous photographer. and now a captivating blogger. i am so very proud of you jembay. i love you!

  2. oh to live someplace where I could walk! What fun. It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday and it is already humid. No wonder you don't mind the snow!! Love ya mucho!! PS- Miles is pretty much potty trained -knock on wood : )

  3. Hey sweetie,
    Love your blogging, feel like I'm there with you.
    Your writing and your pictures are just great.
    Love you


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