i find myself missing home. home meaning where i am from and my family. it is always at these times of holiday i know i will. not to say that i don't miss them already but when i know that everyone will be together eating and laughing it just hurts worse. (this is us at thanksmas-thanksgiving and christmas combined for hubby and me). this is the first real holiday for hubby and i together alone. before the military we always split time between the two families. then it was just me for two years. now it is us. us only. this is so strange to me. i don't even know what we are going to do? luckily there is one good thing. we will be at our church. that's right hubby and i joined a church Sunday and i am really happy. it is pretty small but the people are really great. the pastor is very caring and funny. the church is very missions minded which hubby and i both really like. this is good. i am starting to feel as if we live here.

great news as the church thing is, we still do not have our "stuff". or the car. or a job for me.

today however i am just sad that this is all i have by way of Easter decor since our "stuff" is MIA (Martha would be so disappointed). i miss my family and want to tell them how very much i love them and wish i could be there. the Gallivanting Gals and the men shaking their heads and the boys running around will just have to do this one without me. take lots of pics! anyway hubby and i will make our own Easter. that's how traditions get started right?


  1. Do not despair - you are with us in spirit! Though my hair is looking rather scraggily. Sigh. Anyho, I am getting a goodie craft pack all ready for you!! I love the garland/banner. Too cute.


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