hey y'all sorry for the delay. i have been busy nesting. i am so glad our things are here. it has been like Christmas opening boxes. i had forgotten about some of our stuff. Hubby said no wonder you were ready for all this stuff to be here: its all yours!! well pretty much. only i don't look at things like curtains and bedding as "mine". its what makes a house a home so i assumed that hubby would look at it as ours. oh well. it doesn't matter. I'm just happy to be surrounded by things i still love after 2 years. i have not made it through all the boxes yet and of course nothing is on the walls yet, last minute jewelry and all, but things are progressing nicely.
i also have to say if you are moving and have the added pleasure of the movers coming and packing things for you i would recommend that you still pack a couple things yourself and have someone help. i say this because my big sis helped me and upon opening some boxes she had place messages to me...."breathe"..."smile"....."home is where you are"... and it was so nice to see those. it just reminded me of how much i am loved. and how much i depend on my family to keep me somewhat sane. (completely sane would be no fun you understand). thanks sis.

here is a before. afters to come:

here are some before and afters of trooper. apparently in the chaos of boxes and paper and furniture hubby decided it was time to give troop a summer haircut. i think it was his attempt to control something in order not to be so overwhelmed. funny what we do. i do have to say that troop seems to feel much better. we take him outside and he just plays and plays.

okay off to be busy as a bee........


  1. Tropper looks so cute! I love your hardwoods and the big windows in your living room. Looks like good light : )


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