oh bother

hope everyone had a good Easter. my weekend was spent doing a puzzle with hubby. which took some convincing. he is not exactly the sit still and concentrate kind. very smart but very impatient. but after i got things going and hubby ran around the apt. with trooper avoiding the project he finally got into it. i think it was overwhelming seeing all those pieces and not know what to do first. me, i have done a few. i call it the poor mans TV! i had a best friend in high school whose family would get one of those couple thousand piece puzzles every winter and would just take turns and little by little get it done. and anyway i'm a crafter. i'm used to seeing the end product beyond the chaos that covers the table. anyway, we were so proud of ourselves. we finished the whole edge and were ready to start again after church Sunday. then we came home only to find that trooper apparently felt left out. so he decided to do his part and eat part of the puzzle. yes my dog the puzzle eater. (i know he LOOKS innocent) we were so devastated. all that work. do you know how long it takes to convince a manly man to do a puzzle instead of watching baseball? A LOT! so that was the end of that. i'm sure you will be seeing puzzle pieces show up on many crafts in the future. good grief.
on a happier note our things will be here in 2 days. very exciting. our temp furniture is being picked up tomorrow and come to find out we can't keep the bed for the guest room. lovely military. which means not only will hubby and i be camping on the floor tomorrow night but we must buy a bed for that room. goody! and hey, this is the kind of camping i like- the kind with indoor plumbing and no insects! i told you an adventure.


  1. That rascal of a dog. I think Chloe misses him mucho. Also, love the new blue blog. Much more you. Need a new bed? I hear Ikea calling...


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