woo hoo!

hallelujer!!! our vehicle is here! we got the e-mail and call from mom, who has been our liaison in the states, that our vehicle had made it. and in one piece none the less. oh yes the proper authorities have our #'s and e-mails but that's a different story. anyway, hubby went and picked it up today and it was so nice seeing him drive up in it. its nice to have the vehicle that you are paying for in the same country as you. we took a ride in it and it felt great! now i just have to take my German drivers test. that should be interesting.

also super duper great news our "stuff" is here as well!! you just don't know how happy hubby and i are. of course i know things will be broken and we won't get it until the 13Th but that is actually only 3days over what we thought. when hubby got a hold of the household goods transportation office the guy said that it had been in Germany since the 23 of march! hubby told the guy that no one had contacted him the man on the phone laughed! as if it was funny. if he only knew how not funny it really was. anywho i am so excited! we can actually have people over to eat on real dishes and watch a movie in the living room and not from our bed. at dinner tonight hubby prayed "thank you God for our stuff. we know its just stuff and you allow us to have it anyway. thank you."

speaking of thanks, i can't thank my mom enough. she and my dad both have helped out so much and done things that they were not required to do. they are not married to the soldier but they stepped in and did the "not so fun" stuff anyways. not to mention every single time i have had to move they were there as my packers and movers and let me live with them many times. i love them so much and can't believe i am so blessed with such a loving and committed family. thanks guys! (this picture was taken at my nephew Wylie's Pirate b-day party last year. aren't they cute? anything to play dress up in our family!)


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