I'm writing you from an empty apt. they came and got our temp. furniture today and our other stuff will be here tomorrow. this means of course that we don't have a bed to sleep on. so i made a pallet consisting of military issued sleep pads, hubby's old comforter, sleeping bags (again military) and our comforter. i have to say it actually isn't bad. i really like a firm bed so maybe it won't be so horrible. i have done it before. anyhoo, last night the house was clean and ready for the movers, the dinner was on it's way and my face was breaking out from stress. so what did i do? bake of course! i made 3 applesauce cinnamon cakes with homemade cream cheese pecan icing. mmmmmm. it was so good! i combined 2 recipes from cooks.com. i had the applesauce and needed to use it and i was craving cream cheese icing. i like cooks.com because the recipes are usually really easy and they are from real people. so they are usually time sensitive as well. tonight i made "kitchen sink" soup. you know where you just put everything in and let it stew. i have got to start coming up with and using my summer recipes pretty soon. the weather is starting to turn. hopefully for the warmer and for a while. well of to eat dinner and hopefully get some sleep. if all goes well the next time i write it will be from my desk or my couch. yippy!


  1. That does look soo good. Wish I was there to munch with you. Great pics too. Do you have your stuff yet?


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