7 things

we're going to talk about me are we? goody...

okay so i'm supposed to give 7 things about me. i don't know if they are supposed to be funny, weird or just factual so here we go:

1. the title of this blog comes from my paw. one day when i was little i put my hand on my hip, pointed my finger and told someone off. he saw that and said "now there's a fritz"

2. i hate cotton balls. they make this squeaking noise that makes me crazy. i'm getting chills right now just thinking about it.

3. i prefer to eat with a spoon if at all possible and i eat ice cream with an ice tea spoon. which by the way i eat year round even in dead of winter.

4. i watch
Gilmore Girls everyday and i talk about the characters in everyday conversation as if they were real people.

5. i have to have one foot out of the covers at all times when i sleep.

6. sometimes i become a hermit. i can go for days without seeing or speaking to anyone and be just fine. thank goodness for my husband for bringing me into the light every now and then.

7. i feel wealthy when my fridge is full and i love to grocery shop. i can spend 2 hours in the grocery store just walking around.

okay folks there you have it. okay i'm supposed to tag other people now and i'm sorry if you have already done this lately...
Kay, Anna and Jenny. remember this is just for fun people!


  1. I have to sleep with one foot out too! OMG! We must be related or something...

  2. I wish I could sleep with one foot out -- everytime I try it, the cat attacks it. OUCH! Thanks for the tag -- I'm working on it!

  3. I knew some of those things, but I didn't know about the ice tea spoon!

    Oey' Vey!!

    I talk to your dad about all the characters on gilmore girls. He just politely says yes. He has seen it, but I don't think he has receptors for it.

  4. I'm sorry I missed your comment on my blog the other day. Thanks for the tag. I will be posting my 7 things tomorrow...I would have done it tonight but I didn't notice your tag until after I posted...sorry.


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