nature pretties

these are some pics of hubby and i on a hike in the rain the other day. it was so beautiful to see everything wet and green. this path is right outside the gates of base and really easy to get to. i told hubby that I'm still astounded that 1) people can see this and not believe in God and 2) that Americans can live in Germany and say they hate here. i just don't get it. but i enjoyed taken these so i hope you enjoy looking at them. beginning of the path

these huge boulders have rings in them for people who want to rock clime. they also had this great patina on them from the weather.

this picture didn't turn out perfect but that's why i love it.

hubby overlooking the autobahn and towns

top of the hill

i love the sky in this one


  1. Hey chica. Love the pics! I can't believe anyone wouldn't love living in Europe. Crazies!

  2. Love the pics. I really hope I get to see Germany (and a few other places)It looks beautiful.
    love ya,

  3. you hiked? Okay thats it! Next gg's we are coming to Germany! :)

    I miss ya! :)

  4. Your pictures and comments are just great. You should publish these in a book with lots of explantion about your life in germany. Make an american in paris type book. you're good.


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