paris I

so upon going through all the pics from Paris i decided i had to break things up a little bit. i took a little less than 400 pics...which i might add is not that many for me. but still a lot to choose from. and might i just add i love digital!!! there is no way i would have been able to get remotely enough pictures for my satisfaction with having too change the film every 5 seconds!
*note: i was going to go into descriptions and history and facts but lets be honest: everyone just wants to see the pictures, and besides that would take all day. so if you want the info you can go here or here.

here is a picture of our bus and hubby eating true french bread at breakfast.

okay the good stuff. first was the Arc de Triomphe:

this is shot down the Champs Elysees

i like this picture because you can see all the trees and lamp posts lined up in their rows with the Arc in the background.

this is a tunnel you have to take underground to get to the Arc because the traffic is insane!

this is a really cool door that is at either end of the tunnel

these pictures pretty much do the talking. all i will say is MASSIVE

the detail is amazing

the tomb of the unknown soldier

okay so that is pretty much my favorites. truly there were so many to choose from. let me know if you want to see more of one particular place. i hope you like them.

enjoy...part II to come

au revoir


  1. Very nice pictures! Glad you had a good time -- tuning in for more later!

  2. I love the pics! I know you are having a ball over there! Keep sending.
    Love you,

  3. I'd love to see the people.



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