7 years

7 years ago today hubby and i stood in front of a bunch of people and vowed to love, honor and cherish each other. little did we know we would move it seems like a million times, have numerous jobs, join the military, be apart for 2 years, move half way across the world and most of all the amount of work it takes to be married. yes little did we know.

i just want to say to my sweet hubby that i love and adore you. i love how you make me laugh. even when i am mad...which makes me even more mad. i love how you talk about the children we don't have yet. i love how you go with me to the thrift store fighting tooth and nail but always find something interesting to look at. i love all the little things about you and us that only we know and say. partly because it's a marriage thing but partly because we would be embarrassed to say those things to anyone else. isn't that what this whole thing is supposed to be about anyway? thank you for pushing me in ways i did not know existed. thank you for making decisions with me in mind. thank you for taking us away from the place that you loved for me. thank you for being so sincere. but most of all thank you for being a part of my life. we both believe you make it work with whoever you choose to love. thanks for making it work....a little broken now and then, but work none the less. i love you and i would rather have you for poorer and in sickness than not at all. NMW ;)


  1. thank you jembay. you've said it all. you are so wonderful and i love you so very much. it has been a terrific 7 years.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Aren't you two cute! TheManofTheHouse and I had the best time when we were "over there" -- before the kids, just the two of us (when he wasn't in the field!) There's so much to see -- hope you're enjoying it all!

  3. I love that you two have each other. It makes a mother feel so good when her children are happy and have someone to love them. Thanks for loving my son and being there for him.

  4. You guys are meant for each other and I am so glad you still have each other. Keep it up. Love you both.

  5. hellllllo aunt jemimah. nice blog thingy..even though i have no clue how 2 work..ive read what i can see and thats about it. hehe well ttyl..maybe i will get one of these things someday..=]]

  6. So sweet and true! Congrats on your 7 years! I can't believe it has been that long - or that short? I am so happy for y'all and that you are having a grand adventure of a life. Here is to 7 x 7 more years (at least!) I love you both!


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