paris II

here is the Eiffel Tower. i have to say this is the one i wanted to see the most. the line, as you can see (and i didn't even get it all), was really long. so no view from the top....that is for the night trip hubby and i are already planning!

here we are on our way to the Eiffel...

goofy people!

view from the bridge

the massive line

one of the corners underneath

i love the "lace" look

this one is my favorite

au revoir


  1. Wow! Adam said you were excited I can see why!
    Love you,

  2. I was so glad you got to see what we all want to see. You can now lead us around and tell us all about it. The pictures are so professional!!!!!

  3. How cool. Can you upload the one that is your "favorite" to snapfish or something? Or print me an 8x10 and send it my way? I love it, love it! You are such a great photog.


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