some things about my dad

my dad-

-first of all he loves his family. doesn't understand them, but loves them.

-he absolutely loves to play with his grandsons. i mean truly play. my mothers house is like a circle. if you open all the doors you can run around the entire house non stop. of course this is perfect for boys.

-my dad liked to hide out most of the time growing up. he is not what you would call a people person. don't get me wrong, people love him. and he is great at what he does, but he can't just sit and be around people all the time. he needs his space. being like this myself i can totally relate and have no problem with him doing this. besides when you get four females (including my mother) and an eccentric brother in the same room cackling about something that can be pretty overwhelming. just ask my hubby.

-my dad is also an anal neat freak most of the time. (the fact that him and my mother have made it this long is a true testament to the fact that love is real. or that the previously stated habits of my dad are for the greater good). for example on Christmas morning when we were little, each of us would have to open a present, tell who is was from and then my dad would write this all down for record and thank you card purposes. then after he had done so, the next child would open a present. you can imagine how this drove us kids crazy. thankfully my sister had two boys and this no longer happens. although i don't write as many thank you cards as i use to . hmmmmm....

-my father is hopelessly in love with my mother. they are like school kids sometimes. we were always grossed out by this growing up but now as a married person its amazing to me that their affection continues.

-my dad has the best picture smile i have ever seen. its like he is laughing...but he is not. this is a true talent. *this picture of my dad was taken by wylie on his 6th birthday last year. i think it is so cool.

-he always goes out on sat. morning to get pancakes and coffee from McDonald's for my mom or whomever is there. or goes for Chinese for dinner and he always gets a candy bar for everyone. he lays them out single file on the bar and everyone comes in and chooses their favorite and he takes what is left. he loves candy, just like me, and always wants to share. he has done the candy bar thing as long as i can remember.

-one of my favorite memories of my dad is from when we lived in Juneau Alaska. in the summer we would go to camp. these were not your average camps by the way. these entailed hiking, flying and other things to get to the camp. camp itself included horse care and riding, real log cabins with wood burning stoves for heat and out-houses for restrooms. just to paint you a picture. okay so the day that we would go to camp my dad would get up early with whichever kid it was that week and take us to McDonald's for breakfast. this was really cool because it did not happen on a normal basis. we did not have very much money back then and with four kids and a preachers salary you can imagine. it was just us two. i could order anything i wanted. how cool. i felt so grown up. choosing anything off the menu. i loved those times.

my dad is a cool, funny, smart, talented and caring man. im truly blessed to have him. love ya dad!


  1. Jemimah you are such sweet woman. I love the way you love your family. You are going to make a wonderful mother someday.I love you and miss you.

  2. There ya go again, saying it all perfectly!!! You are so right about dad and captured him perfectly. XO j

  3. You know what the secret to being a great dad is? Having great kids! What a wonderful tribute, Jemimah, thanks. It makes me feel a LITTLE better about all my paternal failings. I am so proud to be YOUR dad! Love, daddy-o

  4. my favorite thing was reading how your dad is hopelessly in love with your mom. I can still remember my first slumber party at your house, your dad walked in the house, kissed your mother ~ and I mean, really kissed your mother ~ and I was in absolute disbelief. I'm sure I all but screamed at Jeru ~ your parents are kissing! And she said ~ yeah, so? Up until that point in my life, I didn't know that parents actually did that!!

  5. J...sweet word about your Dad...My big bro...enjoyed seeing the pics of you and Adam as well. We pray for you both. Glad to be your uncle.



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