hello ladies and germs.....

not really sure why i titled this post that?? hmmmm....

in any case i have just added a few things to the etsy shop. a few new necklaces and a couple bags i came across....

still being consumed with guest plans. we have to get another bed for our spare room. something we should have done months ago and like any good procrastinators we are being punished for it. the furniture store on base has mattresses but no box springs. NONE. and if we order one it will take 6-8 weeks! what! okay who is in charge of buying? because they should be fired. im just sayin' is all.

so that leaves us scrambling. ikea has some good stuff but when you have to pay in euro and you only get .72 cents on the dollar and pay 19% sales tax, you have to look at your other options. so this is life.

on a better note...

i got one project down. the table i have wanted to paint for 6 years finally met its fate. and i must say i love it. maw will pass out if she sees this because she is a believer in refinishing. we....since the table was free from a friend and about to be put in the trash, and you can see where it has been re-glued over and over again, i didn't really want to take the time. ya know? so i bought some paint and new knobs and BAMB i got a new table!

sorry for the not so great pics....this is before

and after.....

currently it is serving as a tv stand but who knows where it will end up in the guest shuffle!

okay have a good day!


  1. oooo i so love it!!! i love black furniture. really great !!

  2. I love the way your desk/table/tv stand turned out. I have a million furniture painting projects that I need to do. Yours is inspiring!

  3. YOU are SO creative! Good luck with the Guest Invasion!

  4. Lovin' it of course! Can't believe you took the plunge at last!

  5. Lovin' it of course! Can't believe you took the plunge at last!

  6. Hey love your get-to-it-ness. Really, I also have a million jobs to do. I'm impressed how you got it to look totally different from the original. Funny how impending guests make you really, really get it together! Not that I'm asking, believe me!


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