my stomach hurts.......

the guests are here. we have been remembering old times and laughing so hard my stomach is getting a good workout. we've been looking at old videos of hubby playing football and t-ball when he was little, remembering crazy things that my father-in-law has done and laughing at the dorky things my niece and i say.

i am glad they are safe and here to make my hubby happy. i am totally enjoying him having someone to talk sports to and having himself some overdue mom love. hubby's bro. Matt is as funny as he is and its nice to see hubby being the one to crack up at something funny. i also can't believe how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL my niece is! can't wait to go girl shopping!

its wonderful to hear the laughter and comfort that family makes. i hope all goes well and that everyone has a great time together. more to come I'm sure......

(i never noticed before that i'm the only brunette! keepin' it real baby!)


  1. Hope you're having a great visit. It's always fun to have guests when you live so far from home!

  2. Sounds like it is off to a good start. Good luck, and have fun!

  3. Make the best of it!
    Make the most of it!
    Have a good time!
    Glad the visit is off to a good start.
    We're jealous!

    love, dad


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