so sorry mom...

so sorry for the delay...especially to you mom! i was informed that i take too long to post. well that's just life people.

okay so things are picking up speed here. although the weather is not at all like summer (50-60's) the pace is starting to feel like it. this weekend we drove about 45min to Baumholder to there festival they were having. Baumholder is actually were we thought we would be living. but change of plans! here are some pics fom that. isn't the polizei bug cool!

hubby at a cool bus stop...

my yummy crepe...

this festival was really big it went through all of downtown and around the pond....

German helicopter...

so cute!


and this week...... so far there was a girl night last night with some gals from church, tonight is possible junking around Landstuhl...its really cool every month at a designated day everyone around town puts there stuff on the curb a couple of days before the trash people come to get it. anyway then there is the full day of traveling and fourth activities scheduled including a trip to a park for a cookout and fireworks. i have to say i am excited to be celebrating a holiday but sad to be away from my family as this is my favorite holiday. fried chicken, watermelon and if we were lucky home made ice cream from maw. i will miss this very much.

then thursday is full with lunch out and a photography session and dinner with friends. and on friday im scheduled to play hairdresser for a gal pal. then the weekend...who knows what that holds! don't misunderstand, i am not complaining by any means. i am super excited to be busy. i am really excited about the photo session. i have been praying and praying for some activity and work and i am now getting it. along with this session i have two other leads that include a family session with four daughters and a friend of mine is a doula and we have some exciting stuff planned with some of her clients. very cool. im all about unique pictures. and i am also trying to keep my creative outlet going by doing my etsy shop. i am so glad something like that is out there to help us creative junkies!

so as you can see things are moving along. hubby had a big to do made about him and a few others. hubby was at organization day with his unit and he was called out of the crowd and given an award for being great at what he does! so proud! its nice when you get some respect from people you work so hard for and sometimes don't feel like anyone cares. that is not at all why hubby does what he does but things have been frustrating for him lately. having to pick up slack for things he had no idea how to do because of lack of training. but was expected to do none the less. and of course he excelled at them. people who came to do some inspecting were like who told you how to do this and he said nobody. they were impressed. i told hubby that if everyone in his field were like him a lot more would get done faster and better. look at my over achiever go! just had to say that just amazed at how smart and talented my man is. OK done gushing....

hope you all have a wonderful holiday. please remember why we celebrate....and why we are still able to do what we can today. happy 4th!!!


  1. do you understand how jealous i am of you.

  2. I am also very proud of him. Kevin is like that (always gives a 110% to his work). Sounds like you are having a great time. Congrats on the work! See you at the end of the month.
    Love you,

  3. I was just wondering the other day whether they still do junking in Germany. We have a great old shrunk (sp?) that we found junking years ago. I repainted it and now I use it to store fabric. I also have a few old cans/buckets that I've painted. So fun to have those memories and so glad to hear that they still do it!

  4. I love your pictures. I know these structural pictures aren't your money makers, but they should be. Everyone has what they call bread & butter items, (things that make your living, but may not be your passion) so I will be excited when you become famous for your other pictures.

    Now, about that wonderful husband of yours. Really, I do think he is a great guy. I am proud of him and knowing that he loves you makes him even a better person.


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