whats up.....

so sorry to keep you hanging. i know all of you (well all 4 of you who actually read this) have been wondering where i have been.

i am sick. i got a sinus infection on Thurs night and have been feeling ever so yucky since then. i blame this on my genes. all the women in my family do the same thing. we pass out after being "on" for weeks at a time. it might be running the kids around, big projects for work or just not getting enough rest. which is sad considering we all still take naps as adults, but we also know how to wear ourselves out. the guest came for only two weeks but of course like any good OCDer i had been prepping for 2 weeks before that. so they came and we visited six major towns in Germany, the boys made it to Luxembourg and we all even made it to France not considering the countless trips to shop or the commissary for groceries. there was one full week of major road trips and the second week we were on our own with hubby at work but we still did some sight seeing.

i say all this to say i am tired! i had so much fun and laughed so much that i did not realize how tired i was. i thought i would be okay because i rested monday-wed. i felt okay except for a little scratchy throat and itchy ears, but i thought wrong. my body said STOP! ok, ok i hear you now.

unfortunately i have somewhere to be Friday night and it is super important that i be ready. hubby was picked to go to a Soldier/NCO Of The Year Ball friday night and i get to go with him! i am so excited. i have to have a cocktail dress and everything! i am really excited. hubby doesn't want to go but i said tough. i want to go. i don't care what it is going to be like i'm really excited.

anyway, i will be posting some more pictures as the week goes on but for now i will show you this one.......

i know it is strange that we are all so excited about a 90 sign. there is story there......

okay my head is fuzzy. the couch is calling...

*note this top picture is from a Baumholder cemetary


  1. I had a dream about you last night but now I can't remember it. We spent the night at Mom's on Friday and we were showing Miles' pictures of you and Adam and he wanted to know when you were going to come back and live at Meme's...Funny that he remembers you staying there huh?
    I miss you!

  2. I am so sorry you are sick, but a party will spice you up real quick. Take pictures of you in your new coctail dress and Adam dressed up. Congrats to Adam and I love and miss both of you.

    Love Mom

  3. Sorry you feel crummy, sweetie ... but a party is a good incentive to get well! We DEFINITELY have to have a picture of you in that cocktail dress!



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