i don't care....

i don't care..im going to say it....I LOVE MARTHA! i came across this post today on my morning blog reads. i just love how everything has a place. i know we can't really live like that-most of the time- but i love it! enjoy the loveliness.....


  1. Me too! Thanks for the link -- those houses look really neat. Other builders should take note -- Martha has included lots of neat built-in and storage ideas!

  2. I love Martha myself. I agree aobut everything having a place. hope everything is going good for you.
    Love ya,

  3. I am glad you love martha. Someone has to!!! No, really that room looks just like you. I think you should love what you love, unless it is illegal, immoral or unethical, period! It is who you are and loving Martha is just fine. And you are just fine.



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