feeling creative...

this past week i made a gift for a little girl i know. her parents are great friends of ours and it was her birthday. i recieve this book at christmas and it has been inspiring! i wanted to do something small for her and here is what she got.
these friends, unfortunately for me, are moving very soon. the movers came to their house the other day and i had all four of their girls (all under 8 yr) over for some fun.
(Alania 8, Emily-birthday girl 6, Marley 4 and Peri Grace 2)

we colored, watched movies and made chicken and dumplings. i had all four of them in the kitchen helping me out. they did a great job by the way! it reminded me of times that my mom had us in the kitchen teaching us how to measure and the science of baking. we were home schooled so everything was a learning experience. but from my perspective as a kid it was just fun to be able to be in a "grown up" room doing "grown up" things!
these girls had lots of fun too and the dumpling turned out the best they have ever been!
i love this family like they are my blood and its going to be really hard to say goodbye.


  1. what fun! that looks like such a great day. Where are they moving too? I know you are going to be so sad. Good thing you have your trip to look forward to! I can't wait!!

  2. Those girls are darling! I know you will miss the whole family. Guess what? Your mom & I had chicken & dumplings last night! A good time for it -- sleet and freezing rain, temp never got above freezing yesterday -- and we never even left the house. Gee, sounds like German weather!

    love, daddyo

  3. Hey you, I love those pictures. You are so good with those girls. Like dad said we had chicken and dumplings and I thought of Juneau. Cold and wet.

    Miss you, looking forward to seeing you.


  4. Such cute pictures. I remember the girls from ya'lls church in Germany. I bet they had a blast. Kelsey use to love cooking with me, and Reese does now. Good memories. You know I know how hard goodbyes are! I will be thinking of you. I am looking so forward to having you guys back in the states for a while anyway. I know you and your family are getting so excited to see each other. It will be a wonderful time.
    Love you,

  5. I love your big Sis, and it's no surprise that I love your blog, too! Darling girls, looks like you had great fun.

    xo lidy

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  7. Well, my friend! I miss you more than you will ever know. You will never leave my heart...You have really enriched my life just knowing you! The years to come I am sure will only get better! Love you! Shannie


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