happy new year....

i hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year. i want to say a special thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards all the way across the world for us. it really felt like Christmas when i saw all those cards hanging and greeting me each morning. thanks for thinking of us. hubby and i had a pretty quite Christmas. we spent a few hours at some friends houses on Christmas eve. eating a having a good time. then on Christmas day we just relaxed and enjoyed the time together. i cooked a big meal. turkey and all. that was the first time i did so because in the past everyone else cooked. hubby was so proud and he ate it and said it was delicious. i don't care if he lied. i had fun cooking it. then new years was about the same. just movies and ham with black eyed peas, for good luck of course! i hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Years. did anyone else gain 5lb too!?!?


  1. Oh yes! I gained the holiday 5! Today I walked Wylie to school and hopefully will do that more than not this winter in an attempt to take back my body! Lol.
    Here is a blog I thought you might like:

  2. Happy New Year! We really missed you guys during the holidays, but I'm glad you found times of enjoyments and started some traditions of your own!

    love, dad

    (Bunch of Christmas pix on Judea's blog.)

  3. Christmas Pictures-

    It was so wired to have you and Adam missing! Sure do miss ya!

  4. I think Judea means WEIRD, not wired. We definitely were not excited that you were missing!



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