life ya know? computer crashing. computer back but without internet. sick. well. sick again. general stressness. thats how it goes. on top of all that my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital lately and im not able to be in the states to worry along side the family. my dad keeps me updated but its hard ya know?

i also celabrated a birthday on 01/21.
strange not being with my extended family, but i get to celabrate with them in march. hubby and i are going to the states in march so we are going to have a "birth-ster" party! my brother's birthday is in jan. as well and the whole group will be at the grandparents for easter anyway. perfect!

i promise i will be back with good to know monday.........


  1. I miss ya girl- Happy Belated B-Day! Did you get our present? I still have a big ol' package here to mail - just putting the finishing touches in it. I will mail it soon I promise! Love you !!

  2. So glad you are back on line and blogging. I miss hearing about and seeing your everyday life.



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