yuck. that's how i feel. in bed all day with a cold. sweet hubby is gone for a week of training and i'm in bed. trooper, i have to say, is doing a fine job of taking care of me though. and thankfully i have a few new, and old, goodies to keep me occupied when i take a break from my coma. thanks to my mother-in-law and my maw i have these pretties (thanks y'all):

and of course my old standby:

all i need is season 7 to make my set complete. just waiting for it to make it over here. maybe i'll get lucky on the 21st?


  1. I'm jealous, you have "Bend the Rules!

  2. yes i am jealous of amy karols book too. i think i am going to have to break down adn buy it myself. but that would entail going to little rock and searching out a BN there because you know this hastings in conway wont have it!

  3. Happy Birthday, your Gilmore Girls Season 7 is on its way to you from Amazon!

    Love, Mom & Dad & Sisters


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