loser-itis, 7things and general stuff....

*long post*
yikes! i can't believe it has been since January that i posted. loser: party of 1.

anyway since i have been gone my very good friends the hunters have left. sad. it is super calm and quiet without them around. they are really missed. sniff sniff.

in other positive news i have been super busy cutting hair and meeting really cool people through that. God has just given me really cool women to talk to and help me through things. i still LOVE taking pictures but i felt like every time i would try to pursue that the doors were just shut. then word got around that i cut hair and now i have more business than i know what to do with. so i just decided to take whatever He gives me and go from there.

warning bragging ahead: more good news is hubby has been super busy at work accomplishing some great things. he has received a S of the month award and now NCO of the quarter award. he has also received a promotion and i am so proud. for just being "in" for only 3 years he has done really well. he thanked me in his promotion speech for being so supportive and helping him through everything . aww....

unfortunately in the midst of all this hubby dislocated his shoulder and tore a lot of muscles and cartilage. so no "trip" for him this year. he was supposed to leave in April but he will have to have surgery instead. hubby is a strange one. he wants to "go" but i guess the Lord has other plans.

i am also getting really excited that hubby and i will be leaving tomorrow for the states. we will be gone a little over three weeks! I'm so excited! i have not seen any of my family for over a year! i am so looking forward to visiting with them and shopping and just relaxing in ANY form of sunshine they have. i am already scheduled to "do hair" while I'm there but its not really work. it family! trooper is already at a friends house starting his vacation and I'm packed and ready to go!

okay now little sis has tagged me for 7 things. i have already done this here so now i have to come up with new stuff. hmmm...i don't know if these are strange but...

1. i think Ziploc bags are the greatest things ever invented. i keep them in my car, i use them for packing and for icing a cake.

2. i would not consider myself a foodie at all but i love to take pictures of food. on plates, in windows or whatever.

3. i have an abnormal appreciation for all kinds of music. as long as i can understand that a person is singing words-this includes Latin music-then i might like it.

4. i am a walking contradiction. i know how to sew, knit, cook and clean (and think every girl should) but love every hi-tech new gadget out there. have you seen the iPhone!!

5. i have always used cloth napkins any time i can. we have never had paper napkins. i didn't know they existed till i was a teenager.

6. my sister would say that i am a little OCD about hygiene. everybody has four pairs of nail clippers right?

7. i don't usually go bare foot. even inside my house i have inside flip flops. it's not really a germ thing i just don't really like the floors. beaches-yes. public showers-don't get me started.

I'm now supposed to tag 7 other people but i am going to try something different for this while in the states. stay tuned...



  1. when you moved i had to start cutting my kids nails 'cause you always did it before! lol. can't wait to see ya sis!


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