i think these 2 factors are the reason i have been wanting to be a bit more creative lately. nothing makes you want to create like watching destuction and basking in the sunshine-mmm all the vitamin D. yummy.....

{this is/was an apt bldg. accross from us}

{it's a bit scary to know a bldg. can come down that fast}

{i took these pics with my phone the other day at the park while i ate my lunch}

{i can't believe that a sky can be that color. so cool}

{even trooper is getting in on the sun action!}

{this is from a walk hubby and i took the other day at a trail near our apt. B-E-A-U-TIFUL!}
{we have had going on 2weeks of sun. thats unheard of in this area. i'm just soaking it in while i can!}

i hope you have a great beautiful weekend......
don't forget to check out my etsy shop-i just added some new things. enjoy!


  1. OK I am having a hard time NOT buying all your new goodies! Tooooooo cute! Adorable! I might have you make some things as gifts for some friends berry soon!


  2. Love that sunshine. It is soooo good for you. And of course for trooper too.


  3. Thanks for sharing beautiful moments with us!

    luv, daddyo


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