a day late...

i don't know about you guys but blogger was down yesterday so i couldn't write this.

yesterday was hubby and I's 8th anniversary. i don't have anything brilliant to say except that i love the guy. i have been his nurse this past week as he recovers from shoulder surgery and what an adventure that has been. he had been feeling a bit jumbled the past few days so i didn't expect any big hoopla. we did have a mini celebration the previous week because i knew that he wouldn't be up to anything on the actual day. we celebrated with an indoor picnic (thank you germany rain) and a gift to me-an awesome backpack that i have been wanting. so that was that and like i said i wasn't even really thinking of anything yesterday. but hubby woke me up exactly at 12am to say happy anniversary and i love you. then proceeded to let me sleep in till 9am while he walked the dog, took out all the trash and unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher. now to some of you this might not seem like a big deal but for me it really was. hubby is great but around the house stuff is not his thing. so to me that was the best gift i could have ever gotten. and as a sweet desert we picked up our mail after a week, and sweet mom sent us books right on time to keep us occupied through the recovery. thanks mom.

A. i love you so much and i am so glad we made it 1 more year. what a year it has been. thanks for accepting me even though you don't "get it"; thank you for pushing me even though i whine the whole way; and thanks for truly wanting me to be happy even though "us" can be really really hard sometimes. you da best!


  1. Glad to hear you guys had a good day. I love you telling the stories of how thoughtful and sweet he is. You two are sooo right for each other. I love it and love you both.

  2. Happy Anniversary sis! I am so happy for you both - you are having the adventure of a lifetime! I am also so glad that Adam is healing up well - he couldn't do without you : )

  3. i already knew i was the best. lol, not really. thanks for your kinds words sweetie. i love you so much and wouldn't want life any other way b/c you make it so great. yo da best!

  4. Happy Anniversary, guys. True Love is a great ride -- but there's not much coasting! Adam, thanks for loving our daughter. Here's to a fabulous Year Nine!

    Dad Jackson

  5. Love that you can express your love to each other in real and personal ways. Keep it up.

    Love you both



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