what i'm watching....

this movie is so good!! this movie is "based" on the book by the same name. the characters are great and i love all the actors in it. of course what woman doesn't like a movie about more women? this is an independent movie and was made in just 30 days and from the first draft of the screenplay. how crazy is that? anyway i just really love all the relationships in this film and it’s a great start to my summer around here.

by the way i also recently watched this as well and it is funny and beautifully sad. it is totally by coincidence that i have seen both of these in the same month. what do you think that means? i love anne hathaway and james mcavoy and i think they are both great in this movie. i love all the beautiful landscape and story behind this great writer. what a life.
what are you watching?


  1. I am writing those down. I am looking for a good movie. thnkas for the tip.
    Love ya,

  2. sportscenter. thanks for asking. love you jem

  3. What I watch the most are British comedies on PBS; your mom and I try to always catch "As Time Goes By," "Are You Being Served?," and "Open All Hours" on Saturday nights ... and usually "Last of the Summer Wine" on weeknights. We also often pop in a video of "Yes, Minister," "Yes, Prime Minsiter," and "Good Neighbors" episodes that we taped in our Alaska days on KTOO-TV in Juneau!

    With Wylie and Miles here last week, I introduced them to "Raiders of the Lost Ark," the very 1st Indiana Jones movie (they watched it 3 times, I think) ... and Wylie & I watched "Where Eagles Dare" -- it's the bloody Clint Eastwood-Richard Burton WWII movie I took your mom to on our first date, March 28, 1969. (I'm sure Adam approves!) Wylie wants to see it on every visit.

    Gotta raise those grandkids right!


  4. Hey girlie! That looks so cute (book club movie) I read the book a few years ago. You need to watch PS I Love You (if you haven't) and some recommended a movie called Priceless which has the girl from Amelie in it and supposed to be a modern Breakfast at Tiffanys.

    Love you mucho!

    Also, tell Adam that Wylie was VERY excited to know that he was a #5 too!


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