hello??? are you there? okay i know i have been MIA for a while. things are crazy right now! so i'm taking a break with my peach cobbler and loading the pictures of what i have been doing. while i do take a look at some things i discovered today:

all i can say is i'm in LOVE!!!!!!

(shown here but from anthropologie)

mail bag. brilliant!
(check how how to make it here!)

child swim cover up. "sew" smart!

(check it out here)

by the way the peach cobbler is from this cookbook.

i love this book! i know i use that word a lot but i really do. it reads more like a book-book which is really nice. i was also surprised how well put together it is for a "celebrity" cookbook. i have already tried three recipes and they are really easy and really tasty.

be back tomorrow-i promise!


  1. Hello, good to have you back! Wish you could have been here for Mom's Tuscan Picnic birthday lunch by Jeru & Judea.



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