okay so i promised i would post some things that i have been up to. here are some pictures of the crafty-ness i have been doing. get ready:

first i just wanted to show you what hubby and i had for dinner. it's fettuccine with homemade Alfredo sauce (from the back of the box!), sauteed zucchini, Parmesan and turkey bacon to top it of. that's right i said turkey bacon. my big-strong-hansom-southern husband loves me so much that he will eat turkey bacon. that's love people. that's love.

okay this is a set of chairs that i found at the thrift store for .75c each!

i love these colors!
i don't know if you remember these but i thought i would punch them up with some fun craft paper.

this is a fun summertime purse with some freehand "quilting"

military inspired sling purse: i made this one because i was so inspired by a fellow crafter and mil wife. i am sooo not up to her standard of talent. she is on a whole other level but this was fun to make none the less.
and yes i am wearing a sweater in Aug!!!

the back pen holder. i'm always loosing mine
i like this because i can leave it on in the grocery and not worry about leaving it in the cart

i don't know if i ever showed y'all this but its what i have above the computer in the office.it's a coffee bean bag from Brazil. my big sis gave it to me one Christmas. i love it

an erasable calender. i have a calender in almost every room (can you say OCD?)

colorful funky purse
polka dot purse

living room curtains
i can't believe i am showing you my living room but i wanted you to see the whole effect. we are a chair short because poor hubby was sentenced to his game room with only a wooden chair to sit on. we can't have that. by the way does that mean i get a new one for the living room??

i bought this bottom fabric off of eBay and i love it!
the center section is some blue fabric a found at another thrift store for a dollar. the bottom white part is from a table cloth
i don't know if you can see it but this has Fleur DI Li's on it.

bedroom curtains. all the curtains in the house have to be able to block the light because we don't have central H/A so when the sun is out and hot you have to block it out if there is any hope for a cool apt.

a baby gift for a fellow soldier's wife

so there are a few other things i would like to show but they are b-day gifts for people who have not received them yet. so later.....
okay off to drink my chai tea and watch the lake house.


  1. girlie you are SO crafty! so glad someone got the sewing talent...I can plan it but I can't do it! lol. I love the shape of the polka dot purse...maybe I can get a fall purse in that shape for my birthday??? hint hint...lol.
    Can't wait to see you - I love all your crafty-ness, so you and so cute!

  2. SO creative! Everything is charming and beautiful. However, your granddaddy does not love you enough to eat that delicious fettuccine dish! Looks scrumptious. He & I were at a banquet last night at OBU where he had to eat rare prime rib (he likes it charred) and coconut (= ruined) shrimp. Ha Ha! Mom & I had chocolate-dipped cones from McDonald's today -- do you have dipped cones in Germany? Looking forward to seeing you this fall.

    love, daddyo

    PS ... more pictures of Trooper, please! And Adam, too (I guess).

  3. Love your craftyness. I love your purses. I love your living room, so "Real Simple!" You are the super duper crafter maker! I love your all your pics. Thanks for letting us in on your "Life of a Fritz."



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