i'm so in....

so i don't know if all of you are in the holiday spirit yet but i am. i love it. i can't wait till there is snow on the ground and christmas music playing (already happened at my house) and big wonderful meals to cook and especially eat! anyway for some inspiration i picked up 2 issues of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas edition. (which by the way are awesome and full of ideas) in them i found out something i already knew-im so in. thats right the tree that i put in a pot last year was so ahead of its time! in the mags i found picture after picture of potted trees. i just wanted you to know how cool i am :) how fun!!

on a different note, here are a few things that i had been working on but couldn't show because they were gifts. now they have been given i can. a couple T-shirts for the favorite boys in my life-

a purse for my mother's birthday-

a bag and a purse made for one of by bestest friends in the states. some of the parts are from clothes that she loved but couldn't wear anymore so she gave them to me to use. so i used them for bags of course! i think they turned out pretty cute......on this one the pockets inside and out as well as the clasp and button are from a pair of shorts...

the graphic on this bag is from a t-shirt. i just fused adhesive backing and made it an applique then stitched around the edges to finish...

that is all for right now. i will try to be better in keeping up with my blog. i know i'm so awful at this stuff. forgive?


*first three pictures are from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and Website www.bhg.com


  1. Yaayy, you're back on the blog! Your mom carries that purse every day. : )


    ps, she got a new job today, full time secretary for OBU's Center for International Studies!

  2. I am so ready for christmas too. Bea and I went and picked up some things in Monroe Monday. We will probably start decorating the 2nd week in November! I just love it, misss you guys though. I need gift ideas! love ya,

  3. Girl you are SO in!! I love, love your tree from last year - can't wait to see this years!
    So glad your trip was fun - looking forward to picking out some pictures from it for my Christmas present...hehe. Thanks for your sweet words about my little bit o'fame. I am pretty darn proud!

  4. I have more compliments on that purse.

    Thanks again



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