before my dad kills me.....


i am still here. but it has taken awhile to get back to reality.

hubby and i have been a bit busy lately. i don't know about you but this year has flown. especially sep-now. these past few months have been full of travel, projects, meetings, colds, and just general craziness. i am grateful for most of these things -except the cold that seems to want to hang on for 3 weeks- but all these things make it a little harder to keep up with the blog. am i saying that this is not important or fun- no way. i'm just saying that if i have to pick this or clean clothes, im gonna pick the clothes.

but today i am feeling better and have had a boost to get things done. so with that as i start to go through the mound of photos i have aquired, here is a little show from our mini holiday to England and Ireland. (at the bottom of this page)

will try to post pics of our cruise as soon as i can...ok dad?


  1. lol. you know I pick bloggin everytime! love ya sis!

  2. Sure, sweetie! Thanks!

    luv, dad


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