computers are stupid!

just thought i would write out loud what everybody thinks. don't get me wrong i love me some technology. i will be jumping at the chance to get a new hi-tech phone the second we go back to the states, but right now my computer is stupid!!

while it is behaving for a few minutes i wanted to show you a few things i have made:

a little girl i know is having a b-day soon and while this will arrive late (sorry) i hope she likes it. made from an old uniform to remind her of that goofy guy she knows.

also made some little wallets for 4 other little girls i know. these are so fun. super simple but endless color combos to play with.

also made a few new purses for the shop. well thats all the exciting news i have for today. hopefully will be getting a new not-so-stupid computer soon......just have to figure out who is going to pay for it. hmmmm?


  1. Are those green wallets going up for sale? I want one!!

  2. I love your comment abgout the computer. So true!!!

    Love Mom


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