my kind of math.....

picked up some flowers the other day from a street vendor when hubby was gone. i like to divide the flowers because i can appreciate all them individually. its also nice to spread the flowers to different rooms so you can enjoy them all over the house instead of in just one room.

i know these are a bit like fall flowers but i had to get them because they had my favorites-button mums! i love that flower because of its smell. a sharp plant-y smell rather than a flowery smell. don't get me wrong i love the smell of roses but you don't really get that smell when you buy them. only when they are planted or wild do they have a fragrance. so thats why i love the mum. so clean. so tight. and of course green! mmmmmm


  1. love, love the new heading banner. And I love your arrangements. You know I always split mine up too - much better that way!


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