trippin with my mom.....

hey y'all. sorry i have been gone. i have been kind of busy over the last month or so. my mom visited, we have tons of friends leaving this summer (or have already left), had my first spring shoot, lots of sewing and home improvements, hair clients and a mini holiday. so you can see why the absence. even though i am busy this week i thought i would give you a little glimps into my trippin' adventure with my mom.

 she arrived on a sunday afternoon and we had a blast immediately. my mother has never been out of the country or flown in at least 15 years! so this was an adventure for her right away.
 i think i was more nervous than she was. she did great and i was so happy to see her come through that gate!

it takes about an hour from the airport to our house and we talked the whole way there!  we made a little stop for one of our favorite eats, a doener kebab, 
and then on to the house. ate a visited a little more then she said her head was spinning so she laid down. then that night we visited our church and everyone was so glad to meet her and welcome her to Germany.
(my husband and our pastor comparing notes)
i love my church family so i was so glad she was able to meet part of my support team over here. 
the next day we rested and saved our energy for Paris on Tuesday.
Paris: the forecast said sunny with temps in the 50's. i would like 
to shoot the weather man who played that cruel joke! even i was not prepared for the wind and cold that we were about to endure! the trip itself was fine. we took the ICE train and made it to Paris in under 3hours.
we got off the train bought our metro tickets and we were off. i had booked a hop-on-off tour for the day.  if you only have a little time and no tour guide these really are the best way to cover the most ground.  boy am i glad i did that. they had heaters in the buses and i think that saved us! we saw all the high points and got to see most of Paris. 
the buses run four routes and you can get on and off as many times you want.  having been to Paris before and walked the whole day and everywhere it was really interesting to see it from a different perspective.

mom was so fascinated by all the big buildings and how they all looked alike. 
it was neat to see how she saw it and what was interesting to her. did i mention it was cold? when we got to the Eiffel it was like a huge wind tunnel. 

after deciding it was not the right move for us at this time to go to the top, we grabbed our lunch, hid behind a bldg. to block the wind and walked around taking pictures.  then it was off for more sight seeing. we had a little time when we made it back to the train station so we had some espresso and hot chocolate the resembled mud that was awesome! 
after a long day we headed back ready for the warmth of our own beds. 

the rest of her visit was filled with sight seeing, picture taking, eating German food, visiting + talking for hours as we solved all the worlds problems. 
(Chateau Briand)
(i know this pick is fuzzy but i love it)

(this is the huge fire place in the middle of the restaurant were we had dinner)

oh yeah did i mention that it snowed while she was here?

(this is the Kusel Castle)
 mom really like the castles we got to see (she called the Landstuhl Castle "jemimah's castle" too funny!) and just the general culture she was able to see. she said it was a real eye opener. i was so happy she was able to come over. even for such a  short time it was nice just to be together where i live and seeing the awesome things and even the everyday ordinary things that are my life. 
(Starbucks break)

thanks mom! miss you already! we will climb the Eiffel next time, right! ;0)
*if you would like to see more pictures and my mothers perspective of this adventure go to her blog HERE.
*also if you would like to see more of paris through my eyes i did a whole series on in the forst time i went in THESE BLOGS



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