happy memorial day....

i hope everyone is having a wonderful memorial day. hubby and i have had a full day of travel shopping and eating. this makes the time away from family a little less painful on this holiday weekend...just a little. 

i hope your weekend has been filled with love, laughter and most of all an appreciation for all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for those who daily live their lives so that you and i may have the freedom we so often take for granted. i especially want to thank my sweet hubby for all that he does on a daily basis that allows all of us to live in that freedom. 


  1. Thank you Jemimmah.
    Tell Adam thank you from me.
    Love mom

  2. Hi Jemimah! I don't blog as often as I would like, b/c it takes me forever to make a post. The England trip was amazing. There are some sweet places to shop in France, we can definitely do a gals trip over there! Glad you came to the shower-it was a nice evening!! Yeah, now I have a new blog to follow!!


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