i don't know what to say....

how do i tell ya how much i love that mom of mine? i was looking back at some old posts and came across THIS post and couldn't believe how time flies.
just like when my mom was here. i had such a blast while
 she was here visiting i can't believe it went by so fast.
 normally people here,  or people that i have met in the last four years, all know about my "current"or my "future" because in the military its all about your "current or your "future". the next place you will live. the next child you are having. the job your hubby has right now. the next church you will have to find and make your place in.
 the current support teams and activities you are apart of. this is all fine and dandy but to have someone around not just from your past but from your ALL was so comforting. 
kind of like a warm fuzzy blanket that is so familiar. so at ease with who you were, are and going to be. someone you don't have to explain everything to. 
someone who already knows how your brain works and doesn't panic when you can't exactly articulate the point you are trying to get across. 
my mother and i are much alike. we have a very similar way of looking at things and that makes our time together easy. 

i am so glad that she was able to come see me. see me in my "current" everyday and remind me of the past.

i am so blessed to have all kinds of mothers in my life. from the married into kind, to the grand kind and adoptive ones as well. i absolutely do not take for granted all the love that comes my way from all over the world. i am not a mother but i have lots of examples, one in particular, of unconditional love that i am blessed to watch and learn from every single day. 


  1. You are so sweet. I love being your mother. I still think on the I had in Germany with you and Adam and Trooper. What a great time we had. Such a "vanture."
    I love you. Thanks for the wonderful post!


  2. What a sweet post sis! We are so lucky to have a great mom and wonderful grandmothers!

  3. How sweet. Thanks and of course you know you made me cry! ha! You are the best daughter-in-law a mother could ever imagine or wish for.
    Love you lots,

  4. I miss you and wish you and Adam could come visit. I guess spring does that to people. Want to get together.
    We could go on a GGG: Galavanting Girls Gaggle!
    Love Mom
    ps: Love the music on this site.


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