hubby and i went on a mini holiday to a really lovely hotel in our area. we came about this trip because i, who never wins anything, entered both of us in a drawing taking place at a local BMW dealership. the drawing was for a BMW rental for the weekend, a luxury romantic suite for one night and a private romantic dinner for 2 at a 4 star hotel. the only condition was that you had to be present to win. so on the day of the drawing hubby and i trekked down to the dealership and hung around looking at all the pretties. when they finally drew the name hubby had to nudge me to make me realize they had called MY name! i was so excited! like i said i have never won anything but i was so glad that this is what i won. definitely worth the wait!

 the dealership was so nice. they had the car all ready and gassed up to go with the hotel's address already in the GPS when we went to pick it up and flowers and champagne waiting on us when we got there. 

down stairs for drinks before our FIVE hour dinner!

it was so funny eating in our private dinning room with our private waiter and fancy forks. now i will say i can fake class and knowledge pretty good but to see the look on hubbies face when he saw how many forks there were was priceless! i don't consider myself a "foody" but this stuff was pretty awesome! hubbies favorite was the Duck Burger and mine was the Pepper Ice cream. it was soooo good!

our two story suite was pretty awesome too. i loved the TV that swiveled to wherever you were sitting and the "custom artist created" (somewhat pornographic) robe stands in the bathroom. 
we had such a good time on our mini break and it was nice not to have to drive but 30min to our getaway. it's funny because even though we have traveled all over Germany and Europe we have never staid in a German hotel let alone one this nice. 

view from our balcony

some of our bathroom....
of course in europe you have to have your bidet!

if you are ever in this area check out the Wartenberger Muhle.  you won't be disappointed.


  1. WOW, what fun! You guys deserved it. Thanks for so many great photos. Isn't it fun to go FIRST CLASS?


  2. oh that is SOOOO cool! Congrats! I have won some little things, but nothing that big and fancy! what fun!!! so is your new car a BMW?

  3. I am laughing just thinking of my sons face over all the forks. He told me about the trip, but the pics are really nice to see. Thanks for sharing.


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