so a blog is by definition is a web log. a "shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies" as well as "a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary". so by those definitions the choice is up to me right? the time when i write, what i write or even don't write. my sister blogs about her life, her business and her kids. she is a natural writer and also likes to cross advertise for her different business adventures. really smart. my mom blogs about everyday things. politics her beliefs and her grandkids. she is an awesome lady and brings such a clear fun opinion to life. my sister has a saying "don't should on yourself". i should loose 10lbs. i should be a better photographer. i should do more laundry. so why do i feel i should write more? why do i feel guilty for not keeping up with this little blog of mine? why does posting seem like this big cloud that hags over me. i put it on my list i promise!

my husband is not a list maker. he says that list make him feel bad if he doesn't finish everything on the list. i always thought that was silly. i just put everything i didn't finish on the next days list. maybe there is something to what he means. i am a list maker by nature so there is no way for me to stop making list, but i have noticed before that if i am more relaxed about something it seems to get done sooner or at least in a way that doesn't make me feel as though i haven't payed my taxes and the IRS is coming after me. i am going to try and take this approach with this little blog.
my goal in making this blog was to keep in contact and update friends and family while over seas. its a way of showing them what is going on in the life of a fritz through some words but pictures as well. i'm a picture gal.

our life lately has been kinda nuts. i have been going through some crazy ups and downs. i'm not saying i have a life threatening decease or anything or that my life is big or dramatic but in my little world its kinda crazy. in the last month my husband was getting out of the military. thought it through then reenlisted. we were moving to texas for 6 months. not moving to texas. we signed on a house in germany. paper work slow. have to break contract with house because orders haven't come in. hubby changes job. church stuff. other stuff. friends leaving. can't get into house till sep. check orders says texas again. hubby going to the states for a week. nope just kidding. are you seeing a pattern? frankly at this point the only person who knows what the immediate future holds is God and someone at the DA. i know this is what i signed on for and usually, at least i've heard, its not like this. i truly don't mind change because i usually get itchy and want a change, but i would like something to stick and for more than a month. i am really not complaining...really! i really can't complain when i think about my friend angie who had a baby and packed out for a move to england in 4 days...yeah 4 DAYS!! that is some awesome perspective.

i am saying all this... well i don't know really. just putting it out there for a reason why i have been MIA and maybe a justification to myself for why i haven't been keeping up in the blogosphere. i feel like sometimes i don't really have a lot to say. or that i'm fine. then it seems to just spill out all over my husband in a crazy mix of panic crying and questions. poor guy. on those occasions, no joke, he sometimes says have you blogged lately? its not that i am having a crisis of faith or relationship problems or anything like that there is just a lot going on in my brain and it gets all jumbled up in there. mom always did say to write things down so they are on paper and you can actually look at them.

okay so here is an oath to you (all four of you) and myself. i will blog when i feel like it. blog about nothing. blog about something. blog even when its meaningless rambles and no one cares but me. there its out there. can't take it back now! heres to seeing you....whenever!


  1. wow! I just thought our life was crazy lately. you win, hands down! Yes, blog for yourself, blog to release, blog to share, blog to blog.
    Your new banner picture made me cry it was so beautiful!!!! Thanks for blogging sister. I miss you so much.

  2. When your blog makes you feel guilty, it's time to shut the sucker down. The blogosphere was made for man, not man for the blogosphere. Be you, Princess!

    love, daddyo

  3. I do know what you mean. I didn't blog for a long time, then one day, I thought "My kids might understand my philosophy more if I actually talked about it." (without argument)And of course there are the grandkids.
    Love to hear about your life. I am so sorry about all the ups and downs. If you blog good, if you don't well I do have a phone.I have no excuses.


  4. Girl that's what its all about... bloggin about what you want to blog about it, when you want to blog about it, and how you want to blog about it. It's all about JEMIMAH!! Know the Kennebecks love you and praying for you guys as you go thru the waiting period... WAITING SUCKS! But thankfully like you said, you know who ultimately holds your plans in HIS hands! Hang in there girlie!


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