on the way out....

I can’t believe its happening: I’m leaving Germany. Of course I knew it was going to happen eventually but it just came too soon! On the other hand I am really looking forward to our new adventure in TX. I have never lived in TX before so this will be all new and exciting to me. I am not one to stay content without a little adventure every once and awhile so this is going to be good. I believe that if you say things out loud it helps you believe them so...this is going to be good. :)
The packers have come and gone. You may remember this post
with all the boxes piled up. its strange to see it go out the other way this time.

This time they were really good guys that smelled bad but made up for it with politeness and humor.

It’s always interesting to have strange people in your home touching your things. I am not used to that so thank God for Internet and a laptop to keep me busy. Trooper the dog was just great through out the whole day. The movers, being German, love dogs and Troop was no exception. He was so glad to have the attention and they loved giving it.

I have to say I am glad trooper did well because he tends to be a nervous dog. In fact all week long as we prepared and sectioned things out and packed our bags he was running around in frenzy. He knew something was going to happen but not exactly what. I believe dogs are very intuitive and can sense things. So I’m glad he was chilled out while he lay around.

Hubby was great too. He is usually very calm about things like this and it makes for a nice balance with me. He kept me laughing and told the movers things when I didn’t want to. The only thing he had trouble with was how long they took (I didn’t mind. I think that’s a sign of well packing. He thinks your just not fast enough) and he kind of gets bored easily when he can’t access his PS3. But all in all he was great. He was also great while I’ve been recovering from oral surgery. I had my wisdom teeth taken out less that a week ago and he was more than stellar as my nurse. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. And that’s saying a lot because I am a grump and picky when it comes to my nurses.

Any who I just wanted to give a little update and say things are moving along. We fly out on Oct. 1 to go see family for 30 days before heading to TX. I can’t wait to see all our family and friends that we haven’t seen for more than a year now.
Hopefully I will be uploading a post of our last Germany trip if my old lap top will cooperate. We shall see. Otherwise I will be posting from the states once we make it there.
Hope your start to fall is going well. Don’t forget to stop for just a second and notice the beautiful scenery wherever you are. It goes by so fast.



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