brain is hurting. leaving GE in 3 weeks! AAAHHH!
just went on our last germany trip-that was bitter sweet.
we had fun but now its time to get busy.
i am in the mist of trying schedule all my last clients appt.'s, packing things i don't trust to the movers and scheduling movers and flights and dog travel arrangements-thats fun let me tell you. on top of that i have to find a replacement for my hair clients or else they are going to not let me leave. i also have a couple photo sessions, an online class and my least favorite thing-picking what im going to wear for 2 months and packing the rest. easy for hubby. not for me. right now i am listening to ella christmas music in order to make my brain try and calm down. did i mention i also have 3 back packs to make?
well i would love to stay and chat about something deep and meaningful but my hands are shutting down. ciao for now!


  1. Keep busy, Princess -- fill up those last GE days with good memories. We'll see you in October!


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