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so this is for all those people in AR that have been bugging me for pictures. here you go. this is a really small apt. but we love the location and how new everything is. i had originally wanted a house especially after having the one in germany (with 5 BR's) snatch from me :( but once we started looking this seemed the best bet. i feel a little safer being of post without hubby around in this community that in a house in a neighbourhood w/out him. this was a big downsize for us. even though we lived in an apt. in germany it had tons of storage and a storage room in the basement for bikes and such. this place doesn't have that so hubby and i (mostly "i") had to do some downsizing. the upside less to clean right? oh well such is life! so here are a couple snap shots of what the place looked like right when we arrived. unfortunately right now it is in the last fazes of unpacking. with the addition of a bookshelf and armoire (thats being used for a hutch) we are slowly getting things put away. thank goodness for 2 walk in closets! that has been a life (and budget) saver.

so thats our little place for now. will show updates when everything is in its place. you know that take time people!
later gators!


  1. it reminds me of your conway apartment! of course bigger, but same-ish vibe! can't wait to see what you do with it! thanks for posting

  2. Thanks for letting us see your new place. I love it. The front looks so nautical. The apartment looks nice. So very glad you don't have to climb stairs.

  3. Downstairs is good ... thanks for the peek ... keep posting!

  4. The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.



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