since i've been gone...

well hubby and i, along with trooper made it to TX from AR. it took us about a day and a half driving, a couple rain storms, countless pit stops, a couple tanks of gas and a GPS to get us here but we made it. Trooper was so great the entire way. i think he was just glad not to be stuck on a plane this trip.
Hubby and i left GE the 1st of Oct. to be able to spend some time with family before we headed to big sky country. i am so glad we did too. it was so nice seeing all the folks in the states that have supported us while overseas. this trip Trooper came along and he had just as much fun as we did! since we don't have kiddos our families call Troop neph-dog and gran-dog. i think its so funny.
i will be posting about the road trip and a couple of photo shoots i got to do but for now here are a couple shots of our time in AR.

hubby and i were so happy that we were able to spend some time with both sets of my grandparents. both sets of hubby's are pasted so he really enjoys spending time with mine.
jerusalem my sister is really into needle point right now. maybe because she lives with 3 boys and wants to feel girly again. i know this picture is blurry but you know my love for blurry pictures :)
her youngest Miles Simon is a crafter as well. he loves to "craft" everyday. too funny

her oldest Wylie on the other hand is a bit more rough and tumble. this is a surprise to me because i always thought the rolls would be the opposite.
then we were also able to spend time with hubby's family. there always needs to be time for silliness!

these beautiful ladies are kelsey hubby's niece and his cousin jordyn

one of the main things that i love about south AR is the leaves changing color. we had this in GE as well but we left before we could enjoy this years change.
i do have to say it is kind of strange knowing its Nov. here and walking outside in sandals and short sleeves. we are definitely enjoying the TX sun though!
be back soon with more lovely photos.


  1. Love the pictures. I know the weather is warmer, but you are right the leaves and your pictures of them are just beautiful. Well done.

  2. Looking forward to news from the border!


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