happy trails...

the other day hubby and i went to a Poppy festival El Paso was having. it wasn't really a festival so much as a free event with a few tents and a chance to walk the poppy trails in the Franklin Mountains state park. they also had a really neat archeology and natural history museum. even though el paso is not an exercise or sports obsessed city they do have alternatives for people liking hiking. it was a beautiful day and i'm so glad we got to enjoy it.

the next day we took the dogs and headed up the mountain range in walking distance from our apt. it was beautiful blue skies and a nice breeze so it was a perfect time to enjoy some of the natural scenery around here. i took my camera and saw lots of interesting things. i can't get over all the sunshine here! that is something-maybe the only thing- that i don't miss about Germany. i'm a sunshine girl so i'll take it!

*one of the very few trees there are around here :) *


  1. These are great pictures. I have dishes named "Poppy Trail" with yellow flowers. Now I know what they really look like.

    Looks like ya'll had a great time.
    Miss ya.

  2. Wow.. No trees! But still all of God's creation is beautiful..just in different ways. I love poppy's.. remember the 2 big pictures in my living room full of them. Miss you, love when you blog.
    Love Kay

  3. FANTASTIC photos. But dogS?


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