one yard wonders...

Lately i have been doing some projects out of this book. i received it as a christmas gift from my mom and i love it! she gave all her kids and books and this one is definitely one of my favorites that i own and every project only takes one yard!!
go here to get it

i don't know about in your home but in mine our laundry room is tiny. like a closet tiny. this is very common in Apt. living so you do what you can. i personally hate having to go to a separate room to throw away laundry trash. even if that room is just a couple feet away. call me crazy! so i took a pattern from OYW and adapted it to make a trash bag for the laundry area. then i stamped the word Trash on it and finished it of by embroidering around the letters. a grocery bag fits nicely inside and i just tie it up when it needs to go to the garbage. 

i have also made this guy from OYW to organize my coupons, grocery list and budgeting papers and bills. i have yet to put titles on each segment but i really like the way it came out. 

lastly we needed some dog beds around here. yup you guessed it OYW to the rescue! i made differing styles for each dog because of their gender and of course personalities. i really like how they turned out. super easy and way cheaper than the $50 ones at the pet store.


what sewing creations have you been up to? heres hoping the sun is out where you live!! 


  1. so great! love all your creations!

  2. Your pups are so cute! I have Yorkies and I'm actually making my little boy a dog bed today! Your projects turned out great!

  3. Saw this on the Facebook OYW page -- lovely! Inspiring me to clean up my laundry closet and make some beautiful bags.

  4. You are just so darn talented and smart! You need to come visit me and come up with some ideas for me. Miss you love you!

  5. Your creations are so clever. So glad the dogs are enjoying their beds.


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